Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of beers does BoozePad work with?

Canned beers. BoozePad's top layer fits to the most popular beer cans (44.5mm/1,75 inch rim diameter).

How does it work?

BoozePad contains a mixture that stores pretty much frost. After being frozen, it remains cold for a significant amount of time. As its top layer contacts with the can, it absorbs heat from your beer. The plastic body makes sure that no low temperature would waste.

How long does it keep my beer cool?

You can expect approximately one hour effective heating.

What’s in the mixture?

It is made of a few compounds. All ingredients are harmless (even you eat it, but we suggest you not to do so, as it's not tasty at all).

Can I keep my coke cool on the BoozePad?

Yes. It is compatible with coke tin cans.

Can I use it longer than 1 hour?

Yes, but it gets less and less effective after 60 minutes.

Does it fit in my jacket’s pockets?

Yes it does. But, please note your body can heat up your BoozePad.

What’s the perfect temperature of a beer?

Depends on taste, but for most beer consumers, it varies from 4°C to 7°C.

Do I have to keep my beer on the BoozePad all the time?

You don't need to. Place your beer on it only if you feel it needs cooling.

What’s the weight of the BoozePad?

Approximately 150gr / 5,3oz.

Will I experience those very few celsius difference?

Definitely. According to US Patent 7843488, The sensitivity of the human tongue and forehead is the same as the pit viper which is 0.003 C degrees

When will I receive my BoozePads?

If you chose one of the GET THE SOONEST perks, we will ship a few weeks after the campaign ends. If you chose other perks, we plan to ship your BoozePads 4 to 8 weeks after the campaign ends.

Why can’t I have my name printed on the larger sets?

Custom-labelled BoozePads are intended to be unique items. But if you need a Home Dinner Party Set (maybe with 9 different names, nicknames), just pick the 3-Pack With Your Name perk three times.

Can I have a 6-Pack?

Yes. Pick two 3-Pack perks. You can even have a 17-Pack by choosing one 9-Pack, two 3-Packs and two Singles. You can get some of them the soonest, you can have your name on other ones. Just find out how many BoozePads you will need and do the math :)

Why is shipping not included in the price?

Shipping costs vary depending on your location. We believe that it is fair that everyone pays for their own shipping.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay safely via credit card or PayPal. Select a perk and you'll see the available payment methods at checkout.