Beer at a constant temperature

We all know why we feel happy when we open a beer. We touch the cold can, we hear the crisp sound and we now that we're just a second away from sipping cool beer. We all know too, how unenjoyable it is to take the last warm sips before we open the next beer from the fridge. Sometimes we even spill the last part, just to get cold beer again. Is there a solution to keep our beers cool while we drink them?

Yes, there is.

Meet the BoozePad

BoozePad is the world's first coaster that keeps your beer cool while you drink it. Being an only 3-component product, its simplicity makes sure it will work in any surroundings.

- the harmless thermal storage mixture in the core holds its low temperature
- while giving it to the layer that actually cools your beer
- the plastic body makes sure that no low temperature would waste.

BoozePad in action

BoozePad is intended to actively cool your beer while you drink it.

Technically, heat absorption is used to lower the temperature of canned beverages (beers, refreshers, etc. with 95 mm / 3,75†rim diameter).

First, put your BoozePad into the freezer. Its thermal storage mixture can lose its heat in two hours. You can reach better results if you freeze it upside down: the metal layer conducts heat much better.

After being frozen, just place your canned beer on it and cooling starts immediately. BoozePad's materials, size and shape is calculated so that heat is transferred constantly, thus your drink will stay cool for about one hour. After that hour, cooling performance drops drastically. For those who plan to consume more beers, we suggest the 3-pack: while one BoozePad is working, the other two are in the freezer.

The mixture

Using thermodynamics it is crucial that BoozePad is able to absorb heat from your beer constantly. After an enormous amount of testing the conductivity of several materials and their mixtures, we have created a mixture of different materials that, attached to the aluminium layer, absorbs the heat from the beer that would gradually heat without the BoozePad.

Remarkable heat difference

Our mission

After a couple months of testing, we love using our prototype. It proves that cooling beer definetly works. We are passionate to bring it live, to let others use it, too.

We decided to validate our idea on a crowdfunding platorm. Contributing our indiegogo campaign with only $10, you'll get a BoozePad in return. Contribution is riskless: shall the minimum fund not be raised, you'll get your contribution back - until the last cent.

Viktor & Zsombor